5.12.2019 BERLIN 2nd doctoral student meeting

The meeting of the City/Space Group of the Institute for Social Movement Studies (IPB) will take place at TU Berlin (ZTG, Hardenbergstr. 16-18, Room 6.06) from 6 to 9 p.m.


  • Welcome and introduction (5 minutes)
  • 20-minute presentations of two ongoing research projects and discussion (60 minutes)
    • “Social movements, internet and the City: the case of Fuck off Google” (Karina Almeida)
    • “Who owns JNU? A university campus as a symbolic battlefield in the ongoing fight about spaces, bodies and memories” (Anna Schnieder-Krüger)
  • Coffee break and exchange (30 minutes)
  • Collection and selection of literature for future exchange on methodologies and theories among the participants (60 minutes)
  • Planning next steps (20 minutes)

After the meeting we go to the restaurant ship Capt’n Schillow at Straße des 17. Juni 113 and continue our conversations there.

We are happy if new people want to join us, but please let us know in advance so we can reserve enough seats at the restaurant (mail: elettragriesi@googlemail.com).

We are looking forward to a stimulating, productive and exciting exchange.
With kind regards,
Elettra Griesi and Jenny Künkel