Summer School “Protest and Social Movements in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”


The international summer school Protest and Social Movements in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, 19th until 23th of September 2016, at the Institute for Social Movements, Ruhr-University Bochum, now accepts applications. The summer school is open to students of all subjects from the third semester onwards (BA), MA, and PhD candidates who are interested in interdisciplinary research on the history and present of social movements. The language (literature and discussions) will be English. There are no feeds, travelling and living costs are not covered.

For applying please write an email including a short statement of interest to Jonas Fischer ( decisions will be made by mid-June

Summer School “Protest and Social Movements in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”

 Where do social movements come from? Who takes part in them? What are their aims? And what methods do historians and social scientist use for their scientific research? Under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Berger, Prof. Sabrina Zajak and Prof. Eva Gerharz, the Institute for Social Movements will conduct an interdisciplinary summer school throughout the summer semester 2016 to find answers to these questions. The Institute for Social Movements is a central research unit of the Ruhr-University Bochum, specialized and prominent in research and teaching on past and present social movements.

During the Summer School students from different disciplines will engage with social movements in international, transnational, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. In particular they will focus on a wide variety of social movements from Europe and the global South. In close cooperation with leading national and international scholars as well as activists, the Summer School will enable participating students to become familiar with the basic concepts and the history of social movements as well as contemporary challenges.

During the five day Summer School (19-23 September 2016) invited experts from different academic fields will give presentations and discuss the current state-of-the-art of as well as contemporary challenges to social movement research with participating students. Furthermore, local activists will provide insights into practical aspects of contemporary social movements and share their experience in discussions with students.

Further information and the program will be available soon:


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  • Das Repertoire an anderen Protest- und Widerstandsmöglichkeiten ist bei Weitem noch nicht ausgereizt. Damit meine ich nicht nur fröhlich-freundliche Straßenproteste, sondern auch zivilen Ungehorsam. Sowohl in Qualität als auch in Quantität ist das Spektrum da noch nicht ausgeschöpft.

    die tageszeitung, 20.9.2021: „Gandhi war auch im Hungerstreik“

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