In the project “Mapping #NoG20” we collect written, first-person experience testimonies of protest participants – activists, residents, journalists, emergency personnel, and others – describing their personal impressions of the protest events. Please try to describe the course of the event as precisely as possible in terms of timing, location, and the movements of the involved actors. In other words, who was where at what times and how did the different actors change locations? We provide city maps, which we recommend to use for sketching in both events and motion sequences. In this case, please attach the map to your testimony.

The reports also offer the opportunity to describe your personal experience of the protest event. How did you perceive the general situation? With what sentiment and expectations did you enter the event? Did your attitude change over the course of the protest event? Depictions of social encounters and the everyday life of the event (supplies, accommodations, activity “between actions”) would further enrich our research and the accuracy of the occurrences we pass on to future generations.

The data collected in the research project are anonymized, if necessary. The testimonies are used for the project report and – subject to your approval –  archived in the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. As part of their archives’ large collection on social movements, they are made available for future research.

Our info flyer detailed data usage agreement is currently available in German only.

Contact Details
Please send your testimonies to:
Dr. Julia Hörath & Dr. Stefan Malthaner (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung)
E-Mail: mappingnog20 [ät] (Public PGP-Key)
Mail Adress: Julia Hörath, Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung, Mittelweg 36, 20148 Hamburg, Germany.