Philippe Greif (Moderation)



About the “Riot” workshop series

(click here for information about the international conference “Riots. Violence as Politics?” in 2017)

The “Riot” workshop series was initiated in December 2013. One of the reasons of its establishment was a determined need for discussion of riots as different social phenomena that usually are not considered by established analytical concepts of political articulation/organizing or social movement studies.

The term “riot” as used in the media but also in social sciences refers to rather diffuse and ambiguous phenomena reaching from urban youth violence, uprisings and revolts to collective protest turning violent. At the same time riots are usually framed to be spontaneous, uncoordinated and apolitical.

Contesting these dominant interpretations, discussing the political notion of riots, as well as endeavoring methodological and conceptual approaches are the main concerns of the workshop series.

Out of its organizational circle the special issue “RIOTS” of the journal “sub\urban. zeitschrift für kritische stadtforschung” was published in May 2016. The issue was edited by: Janna Frenzel, Philippe Greif, Fabian Klein und Sarah Uhlmann.

The different contributions of the special issue emphasize the political notion of riots and describe them as socially and economically embedded phenomena. In doing so they stress their relevance for scientific analysis as well as their importance for political and social movements.

Frenzel, Janna; Greif, Philippe; Klein, Fabian; Uhlmann, Sarah (Hgs.) (2016): Riots – sub\urban – Zeitschrift für kritische Stadtforschung, Bd.4, Heft 1.

The working language of the workshop series is English; upon agreement lectures and presentations can also be held in German.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or if you wish to participate in the working group.