#NoG20 in Hamburg: Tell your Story

Mapping #NoG20 is a collaborative research project of more than 20 social scientists to analyze the escalation of violence in the context of G20 protests in Hamburg in July 2017. In the process we are looking at images, videos and documents, we analyze social media posts and press reports, and we conduct interviews. Despite this comprehensive approach, we are missing many perspectives on and experiences of this week of protest.

This is why we call protesters, local residents, journalists and others to send us their testimonies. How did you personally experience both events in the spotlight and others that did not get any attention? What were your expectations when you decided to be part of the protests? And what did the events change for you?

The data collected in the research project are anonymized, if necessary. The testimonies are used for the project report and – subject to your approval –  archived in the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. As part of their archives’ large collection on social movements, they are made available for future research.

For more information on the procedure and contact details please visit the Mapping #NoG20 testimonies site.

Photo of the Welcome to Hell-Demonstration in Hamburg: Thorsten Schröder (cc via Flickr)

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