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April 2017

Date 5. April 2017 - 7. April 2017

International Conference on Cross-Movement Mobilization

International Conference on Cross-movement Mobilization

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Date 25. April 2017 - 30. April 2017

ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops

Es gibt zwei Workshops mit ipb-Beteiligung: “Integration or Cooptation? Dynamic Interactions Between Social Movements and Institutions” “A Closely Coupled Tango? Interactions between Electoral and Protest Politics“  

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Mai 2017

Date 19. Mai 2017 - 20. Mai 2017

International Conference: Violence as Politics?

“Riots” continue to make headlines in the media, usually as a violent reaction to occurrences of police brutality, or in the context of broader political protest and movement mobilizations as, for example, in demonstrations turning violent or movements applying both violent and non-violent forms of action as given in the context of the “Nuit Débout” protests directed against the labour market reforms 2016 in France. However, all too often the notion of “riots” is used in a seemingly self-evident way,…

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Oktober 2019

Date 12. Oktober 2019 - 13. Oktober 2019
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