Become a member

The Institute for Social Movement and Protest Research (ipb) is a network institute. It is supported by the commitment of more than 200 members of the Association for Social Movement and Protest Research, which coordinates the work of the institute. You can support the institute’s work financially and help shape its activities as well by becoming a member yourself! 

There are different types of memberships by which you can contribute to the work of the ipb, depending on your interest in the ipb and your personal and professional background: Regular membership is aimed at all those who do research on protests and social movements themselves. By contrast, a sponsoring membership is open to all.

Association members decide on their annual membership fee themselves. According to a decision taken at the ipb general assembly meeting on September 10, 2015, prospective members must choose among three levels of membership fees: 24€ (reduced), 60€ (regular) or 120€ (solidarity).

If you are interested in joining the institute, please fill out the membership application form (pdf / pdf as digital blank form) and return it via email to info(at) or by post to:

Institut für Protest- und Bewegungsforschung
Rungestraße 17
D-10179 Berlin

Regular membership

A regular membership is open to all who, as a person or group/organization, themselves conduct research on protests, social movements or civil society. Students can apply for a regular membership if they are writing or have written a master’s thesis on the topic. They are also eligible for membership if they are planning a dissertation in the field of social movement and protest studies. Alternatively, prospective members can apply for a regular membership upon the presentation of at least one pertinent publication in the field of social movement studies.

What are the concrete benefits of a regular membership?

The individual benefits depend significantly on the individual situation and expectations of prospective members, e.g., in which section, through what activities and how actively they would like to get involved in the association’s work.

The potential benefits of an (active) regular membership are, among others, the following:

  • Access to the intranet of the Institute for Research on Social Movement and Protest  Studies and participation in its regular jours fixes where new research initiatives are presented and discussed (by telephone)
  • Contacts to and networking with more than 180 colleagues from the field of protest and movement research in Germany and Europe. Access to a grid that records the competencies and research interests of all members. Inclusion on the members’ e-mail list (2-3 mails/month) and, depending on requirements and interest, inclusion on the ‘ipb-actives’ list where active cooperation projects are discussed.
  • Continuous peer-exchange of content on specific topics and protest phenomena, e.g. in the context of the ipb thematic working groups.
  • Possibility to present and discuss ongoing research projects (e.g. doctoral theses or project applications) with peers, among others in the international ipb colloquium ‘politics from below’
  • Discussion and content monitoring of, and consultation about ongoing projects and project applications by peers.
  • Participation in research projects that were recruited, organized or mediated by the institute, such as our regular demonstration surveys. Your individual research projects can also be affiliated to the ipb, if desired.
  • Participation in (international) conferences and other events organized by the ipb, such as ‘movement talks’ and the ipb annual conferences
  • Increased visibility through affiliation to the institute – on the website, blog and by answering press and lecture requests directed at the institute on your area of expertise
  • Dissemination of research results, calls for tenders or inquiries, e.g. via the social media channels (facebook and twitter) of the institute or via website and intranet
  • Possibility to publish articles in the ‘ipb working papers’ series, including editorial support
  • Possibility to publish meta-reflections and opinion pieces on the field of social movement studies in the ‘ipb beobachtet’ section of the German journal of social movement research, the Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen
  • Mutual support in teaching through the collection and sharing of syllabi
  • Participation in the institute blog through individual contributions or through participation in the blog’s editorial team
  • Quarterly listing of your publications on the website (and social media)
  • Regular information on current research projects, publications, events, etc. via the member newsletter

Sponsoring membership

Sponsoring membership is open to all those who would like to support our association’s goals. This membership option is intended mainly for all those who do not conduct any research on social movements, protest or civil society themselves. It is also an option for all those who would like to support the institute but do not wish to be involved in its internal communication.